Welcome to Cisco Speaks Toastmasters!

We are a Toastmasters club that meets weekly (Tuesdays) on the Cisco San Jose campus.

We provide a supportive environment, where you can practice and develop your communication and leadership skills at your own pace.

During the pandemic, we are hosting virtual Toastmaster sessions. You can join in using the link mentioned below. 

We are an open club. You do not need to be a Cisco employee to visit us, or to become a member.
Join us every Tuesday!


o   Tuesdays, from 12:05 pm to 1:15 pm

Find the meeting link here

o   Cisco Building P (125 W. Tasman, San Jose, CA 95134)

o   2nd floor, "Cassette Tape" Conference Room

o   https://goo.gl/maps/pAUfcvmUoYw


o   Google Voice Phone: 650-336-5590