4-Learning Path

Education Program

The education program allows you to develop your communication and leadership skills one step at a time. 

The Toastmasters education program has two tracks: Communication and Leadership. The tracks aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, we encourage you to work on them in parallel. All of the skills in both tracks are important for everyone. 
  • The Communication Track focuses on presentation skills, such as how to organize a speech and how to use visual aids.
  • The Leadership Track covers (non-presentation) communication skills, such as listening and giving feedback, and leadership skills, such as facilitating and mentoring.
You progress through each track by completing a series of manuals that contain projects and evaluation guides. The advanced levels of each track build upon the skills learned in the earlier levels.

Every Toastmaster starts with the Competent Communicator (CC) and Competent Leader (CL) manuals. The CC manual has a series of projects that help you develop the fundamental skills of public speaking. The skills that you learn from the CL manual can help you be a stronger team member or leader. 

Once you complete your CC, you progress to the Advanced Communicator (AC) program. Each AC manual has a different specialty, such as technical presentations or storytelling. Once you complete the CL manual, you progress to the Advanced Leader (AL) program, which has special project manuals. 

Along your journey, you will work through Toastmasters’ proven program to help you reach your goals. You’ll receive supportive feedback and recognition from club members as you progress through the program.

  • Experiential Learning–we learn by doing; by giving speeches and fulfilling leadership roles, we practice and improve
  • Self-paced Program–we learn best at our own pace and comfort level
  • Peer Feedback–through honest and supportive peer evaluation, we grow and improve
  • Mentoring–experienced members encourage, guide and support us in our goals and help us to achieve more than we thought possible