How much does
it cost?

Cisco and other employers may reimburse their employees for the dues, making the cost to the member $0 for all those Toastmasters benefits.

Are you a Cisco Employee?

  • Cisco views this as a training expense, and can reimburse you. Ask a club officer for details.

  • Login "iExpenses Tools" to create an expense report for education purpose (other - training & seminar for expense type), merchant name is "Cisco Speaks Toastmasters Club #8124) and attached receipt of payment.

  • You will pay a one-time fee ($20.00) for enrolling you as a new member. This fee covers the cost of the first education path, online copy of The Navigator, and processing.

  • You will also pay pro-rated dues, depending on the month that you join.

    • Toastmasters has two membership periods a year (October - March, and April - September). Those dues ($7.50/month, effective August 2020) cover you until the end of the current membership period.

  • What is the total amount?

Are you an active member?

  • When you are an active member, you need to pay $45 (effective August 2020) for a six month membership period (October - March, or April - September). The deadline for renewal is by the end of March and by the end of September.

Are you a former Toastmaster wanting to join again, or do you want to join another club?

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two membership periods per year. For current members, the deadline for renewal is by the end of March and by the end of September. As a new member, if you join towards the end of the current six-month membership period, you will soon need to renew your membership. You do have the option to pre-pay (an additional $45) for the next six month membership period when you pay your initial fees/dues.

An Example!

When Manuel Cherchi joined our Cisco Speaks Toastmasters Club in January 2014, he paid $48.60 but he thought that he paid for 6 months (until June, right?). He was a bit disappointed when our VP Membership asked him to pay again in February: "What? I just paid $48.60 last month and now I have to pay $54?" And the answer was “Yes, he had to pay his dues from April to September”. [Note: effective August, the 6 months dues are now $45.00.]

Here are some FAQs that might help explaining the cost:

  • How much does it cost the member dues monthly?

It’s just $7.50 every month!

  • I am a new member, how much shall I pay to join the Club?

Let’s check the Member Dues Schedule together. If you want to join now (August), it would be $35.00 (included the new member fee).

  • I am an active member, how much shall I pay?

$45 is the member dues to be paid by March 31st ( you pay 6 months, from April to September). And another $45 by September 30th (you pay 6 months, from October to March)

  • Can I pay $7.50 every month?

No, this is not allowed.

  • Will I get reimbursed if I leave the Club and already pay the dues?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.