Your Club's Meetings

We need your help to hold high-quality meetings!

We'd like to start and finish our meetings on time, but it's hard when we're still scrambling for volunteers at the last second.

You have the opportunity to practice / learn something

All roles are "speaking roles" to some degree. Even the Timer and Grammarian stand up and give a brief report, which is great experience for newer Toastmasters.

You can also practice a communication technique by taking on a role (a good summary of the roles is here).

Make a goal of learning something new at every meeting!

    • Did the speaker or evaluator use a technique that you want (or don't want) to try?

    • Did the evaluator say anything that you can use?

    • Did anyone say anything that is interesting or important?

Don't compare yourself to an experienced Toastmaster and convince yourself that you can't do it

If there was a way-back machine, you could travel back and see us making (lots of) mistakes. We fell down, and got up again. We eventually learned how to do it better. And we can help you to not make so many mistakes, but they will happen. Mistakes are a part of learning.

We want to see your smiling face, even if you aren't giving a speech

Friendly faces are very helpful for our speakers. So please step up and help out your friends!