Renew Memberships

Membership renewals


Renew membership for one-year term from October 2021 to September 2022 using below Paypal link:

The amount is $90.00 for existing members.

If renewing for six months follow the below steps:

For renewing memberships: dues are $45 / 6 months. Renewals are due by:

  • Sept. 30th (for October-March membership period) and

  • March 31st (for April-September membership period)

Payment options

  • Cash

  • Check: payable to Cisco Speaks Toastmasters

  • Square: some of the officers have Square readers; please check at the club meeting

  • PayPal (click on Pay Now button to connect to PayPal site).

Cisco reinbursement

Below are the steps to submit the Toastmasters' membership payment for reimbursement (for regular Cisco employees).

Here’s the link ( where you can submit the expense:

    • Login the “iExpenses Tools”

    • Select US Internet Expenses User

    • Select “Create Expense Report”

    • Enter the required details

    • Enter “Education” for Purpose

    • Select “Other – Training & Seminars” from the drop down for Expense Type

    • Enter “Communication and Leadership development” for Justification.

    • Merchant Name: Cisco Speaks Toastmasters (#8124)

    • Attached receipt of the payment

    • Submit the expense