Renew Memberships

Membership renewals


Renew membership for one-year term from October to September of the following year using below PayPal link:

The amount is $90.00 for existing members.

If renewing for six months follow the below steps:

For renewing memberships: dues are $45 / 6 months. Renewals are due by:

  • Sept. 30th (for October-March membership period) and

  • March 31st (for April-September membership period)

Payment options

  • Cash

  • Check: payable to Cisco Speaks Toastmasters

  • Square: some of the officers have Square readers; please check at the club meeting

  • PayPal (click on Pay Now button to connect to PayPal site).

Cisco reimbursement

Update: memberships can be expensed with managers approval and entered into Concur.