CL Benefits

Competent Leadership Benefits

This is the core of the Leadership track.

The Competent Leadership manual features 10 projects that you complete while serving in various club meeting roles and participating in other club activities, such as helping with a newsletter and getting involved with a membership-building campaign. An evaluator offers feedback on each of your projects, helping you to improve.

When you complete the manual, you are eligible for the Competent Leader award.

These skills are important for everyone, not just "managers". Many of these skills are actually communication skills that are important for all of us to develop. These skills are important for both leaders and team players.

1. Listening

Listening is a core skill that is leveraged by the other skills listed here.

We know how to "hear", but do we know how to "listen"?

2. Critical Thinking

It's important that we don't simply take what we hear or read at face value.

3. Giving Feedback

Giving effective feedback on a presentation, or project specification, or even on someone's idea, is an important skill for everyone to learn.

4. Time Management

We all need to develop a better awareness of time. Without this, it's too easy for us to waste our time (and other people's time).

5. Planning and Implementation

It's fairly easy to finish off a smaller task without much thought or planning.

Planning is the tool to help us be better prepared to implement those bigger tasks.

6. Organizing and Delegating

7. Facilitation

8. Motivation

9. Mentoring

Mentors have helped, guided and coached you on your journey. This is a chance to learn to do the same for others.

10. Team Building