Working With Project Manuals

When you receive your manual

Read through the "other" sections of the manual.

The CC manual has a lot of information that can help you become more familiar with Toastmasters. You may want to start with "Your Toastmasters Survival Guide", and then look through the sections on club meetings, educational program, etc.

Before you prepare your next speech

Read through the new project. Then read through it again. Reread the speech objectives, as well as the evaluation guide; know what the evaluator will focus on for this project.

Each speech project builds upon previous ones. Review your previous projects. Scan through the project, and review the evaluator's comments. You should leverage this feedback to help you improve your next speech.

Review your progress

The CC manual has two "Evaluate Your Progress" sections. This gives you an opportunity for self-evaluation, and you can develop / adjust your goals.

Before you work on your next CL project

Your CL manual also has 10 "projects", but each project has several tasks.

You should (re)read through the project, and read through the evaluation guide for each of the tasks.